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Return from temporary amnesia

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I know I know mommy. You’ve been waiting for a new POD. So for once I’ve remembered and had the camera hooked up to get some pictures off of it.

Hmm so my trip to San Diego went pretty well. Matty and I managed to close down the bars on Friday night. However we missed a few of the first games (not hard to do when they are only 14 minutes long). But made it there by ten o’clock so I think we missed only two games. We weren’t really in the mood for booze and the sun beat on us pretty good. My nose got fried before I bought a hat. I had some pretty nice raccoon eyes going on from my sunglasses. Matty and I agreed on taking a nap before heading out for dinner. Well the nap turned into a full fledged sleep and we didn’t even make it out. But that helped us get a good start on the next day and we managed to catch most of the important games.
It was a bit of a surpise to see who won. I can say that I wasn’t really paying attention to this team. I know there were quite a few people who were surprised by it. They knocked off the US team in the semis.

Argentina wins IRB USA 7s

Argentina wins IRB USA 7s

Other than that I’ve been failing at staying out of trouble. I guess I’m just enjoying college v2.0 too much. Hopefully that won’t interfere too much with graduating.

Happy Belated Mardi Gras/ Paczki Day / Ash Wednesday / Insert Favorite Pagan Revelry Here!
NPR reported that the record for smallest / thinnest g-string was broken at Carnival in Brazil this year. One inch wide was the new record breaker. It shattered the previous record of 1-1/2″!

I don’t know what it is but Emily and Mimi are both drugged out of their minds tonight. Mimi is because she had a tooth pulled. She is hyped up on goofballs and has pupils the size of dinner plates. Emily is crying laughing her ass off watching episodes of the Tv show 30 Rock.

Well I’ve been enjoying the nice warm weather. The weather knows the weekend is coming as the temperatures are supposed to drop for tomorrow! I suppose that is ok. I’ll head out tomorrow night anyway. I’m not scared. Saturday is a 90s dress party and Emily is having a shindig on Sunday. Hmm I suppose I’ll try and do some work in there as well. Don’t want to strain myself though…..

Come Hellboy or High water!

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Well I watched Hellboy II : The Golden Army this weekend.

Live Action Hellboy

Live Action Hellboy

Drew Struzan's take on Hellboy

Drew Struzan's take on Hellboy

Mike Mignola's Hellboy II : The Golden Army

Mike Mignola's Hellboy II : The Golden Army

I can’t really say which movie poster I like the best.
CTK I know that you said that you wanted to see it. I was definitely impressed with the cool legendary creatures and the scenery. The story was a little weak at times but visually it was really cool. I can say that I definitely enjoyed it.

RUGBY! ( I realize this got uploaded just as the dudes midesction but I ain't going to change it.)

I also bought a ticket on Friday to go to the USA 7s in San Diego with a friend from Rochester. That should be fun. I’ll be the white pasty guy in San Diego from February 13-16. It should be a good Valentine’s Day :)

And Emily was just a walking disaster zone yesterday. Long story short, she spilled some very greasy sauce all over the floor that just happened to splash and get me while I was doing dishes. So she threw the kitchen rugs and my sock, sandal, and pants into the washer. Unfortuneately, the drain from the washer has a tendency to clog and back up some nice sewer water….right up into our apartment. Way to go! So then we had to deal with water invading our apartment …..again. Yes it’s happened before.

Also along the lines of the fantastical, one of my lab mates sent me a link to this.
It’s a pretty cool poem (well all but the ending really if you ask me), with some really cool illustrations. CTK I think you’ll like it. Everyone else might enjoy it as well.

And in wine class I learned the wine’s origin has been traced back to Georgia. And that the thing that Noah did after he let the animals off the ark on Mt Ararat in Turkey, he planted a vineyard. Then he got drunk and *ahem* was exposed to the whole world much to the chagrin of his family.

Good Night and Good Luck