Back in the saddle again…er for a second or two

I had a blast at Mike Budde’s Wedding.

On the party bus with fellow bridal party person Julie

Take one down pass it around, one less bottle of Champagne in the cooler...

I may not remember everything but it was a grand ole time.

I know I made an impression with my dancing when at the brunch the day after the wedding everyone goes, “Hey there’s the Dancer!!” Yikes or Hooray.

Rocking the dance floor with Laura B. So good I can dance without balance or my eyes open.

Apparently it was time for the crap clip on tie to come off...

If I ever get ahold of more incriminating evidence I’ll be sure to pass it on before burning it.

IM Kickball is going on. We won our first game today.  I have impeccable form.

'Bout ready to send'er into orbit!!

Just look at me ready to strike!

At least I manage to keep my shoes on…

Carson losing a shoe on his kick. Strike one.

My roommate Carson wasn’t so lucky.  I feel like this si something that Chris would do. Not really a knock against you CDK, but I know I’ve seen you only do this about a million times.

(if I ever get my act together I’ll fix the column width so the dang pictures don’t fly off the sides so dang much, but they ain’t serving snow cones in Hell yet so don’t hold your breath on that.)

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