Nether Region Nearly Nakedness

Dare to Bare: Go Ice Skating in as little clothing as one desires.The Captain terrorizes the rink

Ah Good times. And afterwards the Captain celebrated with some Irish Coffee and an Irish Car Bomb!

This weekend I get to look forward to seeing Jesus Christ Superstar on Friday night. Followed by going out with some friends to celebrate the finishing up of some qualifying exams. Next Thurs and Friday I’ll help out for the Big Ten Swim Meet here at Purdue and do some timing of events.

I just realized also that I’ve had my car damn nigh 6yrs! It was Super Bowl Sunday 2004 that I got in the wreck in the Jetta coming back from Christine’s after skiing for the first time. Well 6yrs and 60k miles later I’m in a very different place…although it is still cold this time of year. Until Next Time young listener….

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