Incremental Update: Reveng of the Flat Tires, Taste of Tippecanoe and Late Night Swimming!

Nick, Cameron, and Ethan drowning our sorrows after our volleyball loss :(

Nick, Cameron, and Ethan drowning our sorrows after our volleyball loss :(

Not too much is going on.  Just working on thesis stuff and trying to stay sane.  I’m captain of our IM summer volleyball team.  We need a little bit of practice but we always have fun.

Yesterday was the Taste of Tippecanoe. It’s just a big street festival. I showed up late because I went out and met a friend, who graduated in December, whodecided to ride from Naperville, Illinois, a Chicago suburb all the way to West Lafayette.  He made good time and luckily had the wind at his back.  I had to steal a friends bike as this week has not been bike friendly to Nick. I flatted two tires on my Road bike on Monday. Then on Tuesday I wrecked my mountain bike in the rain.  Then on Friday I was going to go on  more of a pleasure bike ride on my mountain bike but when I got out of lab it had a flat.  So I stole my friends bike and flatted on his bike! And I have rub marks on my legs because my friend is like 6’3″ and so i needed to lower his seat but it wouldn’t lower enough so I had an uncomfortable ride.  Anyway so Back to the Taste of TIppecanoe….a whole group of us went to it.  Had a good time more or less.  Saw some fireworks.  Then I headed out and met up with some friends.  They hopped a fence and went swimming at a local pool at 11:30. Then I suggested we just jump in the pool at my apt since we were less likely to get in trouble doing that.  So 6 of us cooled off in my apt complex’s pool at a bit past midnight.  Then on the way home a cop pulled me over right in front of the triathlon house since I had a bit too many people jam packed into my car.  I got a talking to by the cop. He praised me for being sober, something I doubt that he expected me to be seeing as how it was ToT night, and let me go.  Sorry Mom, I know you didn’t want to hear that but it is part of the story! A late night snack of pizza and watching Animaniacs and The Simpsons topped the night off before I headed home and read a chapter of the Decameron before trying to catch some Zzzzs.

2 Responses to “Incremental Update: Reveng of the Flat Tires, Taste of Tippecanoe and Late Night Swimming!”

  1. andy says:

    I don’t get it. You were in your apartment complex’s pool, but then drove home with “too many” people in your car?

    Why did you have to drive home from the pool?

    And, based on the google maps view, where even is the pool?,-86.922208&spn=0.003388,0.005676&t=h&z=18

    • admin says:

      So after the ToT some people went and jumped in a different pool. I figured we wouldn’t get in as much trouble if we jumped into the pool at my complex so I drove the drunks to my place. We jumped in the pool ( on the map go to the right one building and then go down across the parking lot, that weird squiggle blue thing is the pool) and then I needed to drive them home.