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Another weekend successfully mastered..

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Wine Tasters:Nick, Alex, Alex's mom, Scott, Cameron, Destiny, Anne, Brandon

Wine Tasters:Nick, Alex, Alex's mom, Scott, Cameron, Destiny, Anne, Brandon

Although this didn’t happen this weekend it is a good picture that I hadn’t really taken a look at. This was taken on Fri Mar 27th at Main Street Wine and Cheese. That is the place that the wine class gets its wine and bread and cheese for class.
So lets recap this weekend. We lost our playoff game for soccer on Friday :( . I’m sad now. I had fun playing. I then played some ultimate frisbee and was pretty tuckered out from the sun beating down on me at soccer as well as the early morning run I did. So I was pretty much a waste. Later I went out to eat with some peeps and their mothers as it was moms weekend for the sororities. Little did we realize how packed everywhere would be. Long story short is that we put our name in at several places and tried to find the place with the shortest line. As it always happens you might as well just stay at the first place as by the time everyone else leaves upon hearing about the long wait it doesn’t turn out to be half that bad. It turned out to be a relatively early night as the mom’s turned in early.
Saturday was poker night at a Coast Guard friend’s place. I did pretty well but went all in hoping to take someone down and in the end I took myself down. Oh well. Stupid cards.
Today I changed my oil in the rain and then met a guy for dinner. He treated me to dinner because I proofread his thesis. He’s Chinese. I thought that was really nice of him and he really didn’t need to do that but whatever. We then grabbed another guy from lab for some beers and dessert and bitched about lab stuff. So now I’m uploading photos of shenanigans done at the bars with my younger compadres.

Learning wound care from movies

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I recently was able to watch “Slumdog Millionaire” as well as “10,000 B.C.”

Slumdog Millionaire was pretty good but it wasn’t *that* great. I think it was overrated. I enjoyed it but didn’t see what was so special about it to get so many awards. I think it was more shock value that won it so many awards. Stupid Westerners don’t realize how poor other places and people are.

Young Jamal in the squatting toilet trying to get a "shy one" out.

Young Jamal in the squatting toilet trying to get a "shy one" out.

This still is part of the story about how the main character knows one of the answers concerning a famous actor. He’s in a squatting toilet and gets locked in by his brother. He escapes by jumping down into the poop pile. Eventually he gets a famous actors autograph while covered in poo. The best part is when his brother, who collects tolls for using the toilet, tries to get him to hurry up for a paying customer. He replies that he can’t because he is working on a “shy one.” I thought that was hilarious.

I watched “10,000 B.C.” after my wine appreciation class on Monday. I know one of the TAs and she gets some leftover wine after each class. So I ended up having some more wine and watching this movie with a group of people who also got to enjoy the wine.

D'Leh chasing after his hotty being taken away by the "big birds."

D'Leh chasing after his hotty being taken away by the "big birds."

The movie is really a sweet B movie. There are complete chronological idiosyncracies. Cave men, metalwork, pyramids, woolly mammoths in the dessert, Saracens. It’s just a menagerie of stuff that makes it that much more fun to watch. The wine didn’t hurt. At one point one of the characters gets hurt pretty bad. The main character then cauterizes the wound. One of the girls who was watching the movie was trying to get the word “cauterize” out of her mouth while another girl offered “solderize” as the word she was looking for. Cauterize was offered as the real word to them. Eventually later on somehow solderize was still stuck in her head and cauterize was also vaguely still there. Unfortuneately, “sodomize the wound” is what came out. Ever after that, puns on “sodomizing wounds” abounded. Good times. Good wine (port & sherry & chocoloate no less). :)

Tooth Fairy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I got a (my only) wisdom tooth pulled today. It cost me $47 to get it pulled. I won’t be able to get a visit from the Tooth Fairy since they wouldn’t let me keep it. “BIohazard” they said. I thought certain things, but didn’t say them to the Tech.
I’m still bleeding but not in really any pain at all. Anybody need a prescription for “Tylonal III?” Whatever the hell that is! Ahh America’s education system failing us once more. I mean how can the kids go and get high if they don’t even know how to spell the drugs they need to crush up and snort?

With Wisdom (l) and Without Wisdom (r)

With Wisdom (l) and Without Wisdom (r)

Hmm, maybe I’ll go and dumpster dive the “biohazard bin” and get back that which is rightfully mine.

And another reason I’m glad I didn’t go into medicine: you don’t have to deal with morbidly obese mothers with large fupas and 16 year old daughter who are developing fupas of their own while acting like a 4 year old.

My Crazy Family

Monday, April 6th, 2009

It’s good to have family. I like my family. They make me happy. But they are CRAZY! I had been talking to Jen this weekend about designing a t-shirt for a pub crawl. She had been talking to Jeremy about Gma’s health and he had some crazy quackery idea. Jen then sold me down the river by telling him he should contact me since I was an enginerd. (Thanks Jen I <3 you too.) I told this to Emily and we lamented the fact that unfortunately so many crazy people are actually our relations in this world. So today ...... I get Jeremy's email.

Hey Nick,

Was talking w/ grandma and grandpa the other night and grandpas research suggests to him that a device called a Lakhovsky Oscillator has the potential to help grandma. I have no expertise in electronics et al. so cannot judge the efficacy of such a device however, if they BELIEVE it will work then that is good enough for me. So, am sending the technical description and drawings and maybe we can fabricate one and get it to grandma. Grandpa thinks that a Tesla Coil is included as part of the design of the Lakhovsky oscillator so am sending data for it as well. Let me know if this is something you may be able to do as I may have a line on purchasing one but figured would check w/ you first.

Trust all is well w/ school etc. and talk soon,

Jeremy's attached files

The Tesla Coil!!!!!

The Tesla Coil!!!!!

Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

My response :

Not to burst your bubble but this thing is pretty much a radio transmitter with “special antennaes”. Gma would get the same effect from sitting in front of one of the local radio station towers (although this would actually kill her if she got too close). Supposedly there is supposed to be some magic in the wavelengths it produces. It pretty much looks to me to be a broadband microwave. Yes the type of microwave you cook with. In essence we’d be cooking Gma. To produce a strong enough EM field to actually penetrate Gma would be substantial. I think this is quackery. and think there is more risk (link) involved than benefit. If I made something like that from scratch I’d be afraid that I’d create a larger risk of electrocuting/cooking Gma and Gpa than actually doing good. (that doesn’t even take into account the large electric bill they’d get. Oh and they’d proly need what is called three phase power run to their house. That doesn’t happen. Industrial buildings get 3 phase power and I’m sure it’s a heck of a lot more expensive than regular single phase link ) If you really want something I’m sure I could go to the local Goodwill/Salvation Army and pick up an old radio take it out of it’s case create some circular antennae thingees out of coat hangers and repackage it and send it to Gma and Gpa.

Promoting this type of quackery makes me think of the debacle that is going on in Texas where they are putting “god made the earth in 7 days” into our science text books. If that doesn’t burn your ass Mr. Damn-Right-We-Came-From-Apes then nothing will. At least give me the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Sorry I’m not more gung-ho about it all. I want the best for Gma and for her to get better but I think a better start would be for her to actually listen to her doctors and heed their advice. If the Lakhovsky Oscillator made Gma at least do what they asked I’d be all about it. But I think if anything right started to go they’d attribute it to the quackery and stop the medicine and reverse all good that was done.

If you can buy one (and please don’t) it looks like the thing is exceedingly simple and yet I’d be very wary about it’s safety. The simple part is in the design but adapting it to modern household electricity and not producing a fire hazard due to power transformation is where I’d be scared shitless of someone selling these things. I can’t imagine that they are very reputable. I doubt an engineer is making these things. Some douche bag trying to make money off of people who don’t know better proly is and proly doesn’t know jack about power converters/inverters/transformer etc. If they put in a shitty power transformer the thing would probably overheat and catch on fire (that’s why we have agencies/labs like Underwriters Lab and the CE tick mark on electronics….so the shit doesn’t burn down America). And I’d rather not see Gma and Gpa’s house catch on fire. I particularly like it the way it is. So many good memories in it that I’d rather not see go up in smoke because of some quackery.

Let me know what you want me to do,
ps. Still pissed at Texas

First Larkhyn, then Zander, now this???? And it’s snowing outside again!!!!!!!! FML